Wednesday, December 8, 2010


DUH!!!!!We still brother??i dont knw lar..
tis few fon dam senyap.T_T.
no 1 call me da 1 call me yam cha..
Wat happen to u all..guys?Can tell me?i do sumthing wrong to u all?Even my most close de brother also din find me...WTF?!!

These days....i keep gaming....but tis is nt i wan.. 1 knows...
Sometimes...i thinking...u all no nid me jor?
If like tat tell me plz..i wont kacau u all agn...
My pain....i'll suffer myself..
Forget abt others bah :) parents...
I wanna to buy a new phone...but they DO NOT GIV A DAM!!!!
They even say i no nid a new phone...
say me juz know owaz sms==" father back jor...i gonna stop T.T
K..c ya..people..

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