Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cosplay ♥

Yosh...long time no see :D
Miss me bo?>O<
yesterday i wan blog de...but too tired ~.~
Tell u all la...yesterday i hav a primary school The Curve..
I reach there at 11 olock...den i call them..they tell me they juz woke up pulak=.=
But they say 11 oclock reach there de-.-
Make me so rush at the morning=.="
We sing K at there de 'rex box' from around 1.30 to 4 i think..
After sing K..we straight go watch movie...we watch 'Tron'..
Damn nice <3
Wad a nice movie..
After movie we go makan den back le...
I will not forget tat day 4ever..:)

Today father fetch me n my bro go my 'wai po' house..
Cuz we going a comic fiesta at 'Time Square' with my cousins..
We arrive there at 10.30...we nid to buy ticket there..Damn many ppl sia...
Many cos players r veri leng zai and leng lui 1...
We enjoy there veri much...~.~
Err...we back at evening...den my father fetch mummy and my sis at mid valley with us...
cuz they go mid valley sia~.~
Veri mafannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn weh -_-
Traffic jam pulak=.=
Make me bo mood jor~.~
Errrrr...we back after ate dinner..
Tats my sweet Friday and Saturday :)
Now picture time :)

scared me ~.~

Kingdom Heart.



The pic i like the romantik..

Counter Strike pulak=.=

Cute :D

Leng Lui :D

 The stage.

Makan McD punya L ^^

Tats all for tis episode :D
Gotta go...
See u guys next time..cia0z~

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